1. Well...the Quran classes with AlQuranhome were of course really worth; in one hand now, I am sure about tajweed rules when I recite Quran which gives us happiness ,a satisfaction while reciting. and now I teach Quran to my cousins but how ever you will definitely got the reward of Allah for making me a teacher. I hope u will be success in the path of Allah. As said, be some one who learn or be some one who teach other or at least be some one who help the learners. MashaAllah you are the 3! Shireen ilyas (Laval, France)

2. My 2 sons are taking Quran class, first we thought how they will able to recite Quran but now we are 100% sure with their fast progress. Thanks Alquranhome.com Javed iqbal(Newyork,usa)

3. Thank you brother Emran for making me a good & correct Quran reciter & now I can teach my daughter well you are great. Amareen (preston, uk)

4. My 3 sons Hashim,Haroon &Hasan complete Quran in a very short time with full commands on rules of tajweed. It is a great blessing for me. Syed aqeel (usa)

5. My 2 sons are taking Quran online classes, they are doing very well. Allham-du-lellah Wasim khan (Danville, usa)

6. My daughter told me about alQuranhome, honestly speaking I got it as a joke but when she start classes it was amazing for all of us ,now I recommend it to all the Muslims .Nimo saeed (Canberra, Australia)

7. I have a small baby but even then I can take my Quran class, any day, any time, thanks alQuranhome, for such a flexible timing. Fatimat(Ottawa, Canada)

8. You guys are really doing an excellent and fantastic contribution to help us here with best and quality education and knowledge to our kids....ALLAH will surely bestow HIS blessings to the AlQuran Academy staff {INSHALLAH} Mejeghan sani(Calgary, Canada)

9. I had a dream to memorize the Holy Quran and become a Hafiza one day; when “Live Quran Academy” called about online Quran classes, I knew ALLAH had answered my dua. One-to-one Quran classes are very beneficial and the class timings are convenient and flexible. I have noticed an improvement in my Quran recitation and my dream is slowly becoming a reality. Mehek Badar(Rome,Italy)

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