Assalam-o-Alaikum! It was 1996,when I completed the Holy Quran at the age of 6. At the age of 10 I was completed the HolyQuran thrice. After graduation I became a team leader in a multinational organization.During my career ,I have had several opportunities to get trained by world’s premiere top trainers.The programes on humane nature, human behaviour,curiosity,nature, social services,search for best,seeking knowledge,religion islam & QURAN- brought me closer to ALLAH.Alhamdulillah, Soaring to the height of my profession, I was a role model for my young collegues,however my exceptionally life style and a very compesation package could’nt win me the satisfaction & peace from within ,I felt unfulfilled but I never know why?
In 2003, I set up a vision for myself a vision of teaching alQuran to each and every person of the westat their Quran ALLAH says

Correct reading is better than more reading ,because the reward is not in more reading than it is in correct reading.With kind blessing of Allah Almighty, We have been able to launch our program, the first-ever & the most comprehensive online QURAN teaching programe named early in 2005.We also pray to Allah for its sucess and future continuity. This will be the greatest gift from seasoned Muslims for the new generation of young muslims,who do not find QURAN having much in it for a successful life,if we did it,this legacy would last much longer than any other thing.i volunteer my services for this cause.
When development & technology can advance the world,when healty social relationship & +tive thinking helps to improve our societies then we are talking about CHANGE & here in alQuranhome you wil see/feel the change ,so
Be the change to bring change.
May ALLAH be our guide & helper in this effort! Wassalam
Imran khan
Ist Ramazan 2005.

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