On behalf of alQuranhome School, We request you to help us reveal major cover-ups and work
together to build a brighter future for our children. Here are a number of ideas and suggestions
on how you can help:

       1. Promote this information to the media, educational institutions, governmental
representatives, and others who could help to build the critical mass needed to bring all of this
to public attention. You can send individuals & community  our brochure or print and distribute
or other key information.

       2. Pass the knowledge of Quran by referring your friends & relatives to this
website( & page ( )  or If you own a website, help promote this site by linking to us
and get reward from Allah(swt) for a noble cause.

       3. For those with computer expertise, especially in developing and managing websites, we
welcome any assistance in making this website( more effective and

       4. We greatly appreciate any effort to support our work. Even a  small contribution can
make a big difference. At this time we have only a small, volunteer staff with very limited time
and resources. Your contribution helps to support this important work.

       5 .We are most grateful for your help and support, whatever form it might take. We know
very well that the more people who work together to educate the public on all that is being
hidden from us, the better chance we have of creating a brighter future for all Muslims.

We are looking forward to a time filled with a lot of learning and many exciting and new experiences.

Wassalam & Thanks for this act of kindness.



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